There are not a lot of things that are worse than a long night with no sleep. We started the day today with Amanda Paxton from STPH. She brought along a sleep expert, Robert Schoendorf from the Sleep Center. He was full of all kinds of great advice about getting a good night’s sleep. You can connect with them here SLEEP CENTER or listen to the interview below.







We also got to speak with Kirk Michel and Dwight Williams about Quack-A-Falaya, which is coming up this weekend. Learn more about this Covington Rotary Event online here COVINGTON ROTARY or listen below. You’ll also hear about one of the beneficiaries of the event, the Lake Ponchartrain Basin Foundation. Connect with them here SAVE OUR LAKE.






Lake Loot


Q: The avg. car will suffer from THIS at least twice during its first 3 years.

A: A run-in with a shopping cart

Winner: Ashley Pericone from Covington!


Q: 1 in 3 guys said when THIS happens on a date, it’s a big turn on. What is it?

A: The date knows more about sports than they do!

Winner: Sarah Langevin from Slidell!


Q: Only 3% of Americans have never done this…

A: Move

Winner: Amber Nordgren from Covington!


Q: This is the #1 most mentioned item on people’s bucket lists? (Not necessarily #1 on the list, but the item mentioned the most.)

A: Driving a race car

Winner: Anne Palmer from Covington!

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