NAMI St Tammany has this guy, Kevin Hines, coming in this Friday to talk about suicide. Kevin in an author, speaker and suicide survivor. He has a great story to tell. Here’s a bit of it…. powerful stuff….





Find out more about the event here NAMI ST TAMMANY


We also gave away some raffle house tickets today. It is called “Raising the Roof for Charity” and you can learn more or buy your tickets here RAISING THE ROOF. As you can see, it is a NICE house…





Lake Loot


Q: The average family will buy a new one of these every 50 days. What is it?

A: A jar of mustard

Winner: Joseph Pericone from Covington!


Q: Just shy of 30 minutes, that’s how long the average guy can do THIS before he gets tired. What is it?

A: Shopping

Winner: Cameron Caro from Bush!


Q: If you’re a woman, THIS is the thing you’ll mostly be thinking about in the shower.  What is it?

A:  Cleaning the house

Winner: Chris Martinez!


Q: If you still have VHS movies at home, THIS is the title you’re most likely to have.

A: The Lion King

Winner: Kerrie Angelo from Covington!

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