Busy day today! We started with Amanda Paxton and Louise Dill from St Tammany Parish Hospital. Louise had plenty of info to share about strokes, both preventing them, and being aware of them happening. You can hear what she said below,






Next we had Tiffany Christi, who stopped by to talk about her new store in Olde Mandeville called Eclectic Finds. Sounds like she has tons of next stuff. You can connect with her on FB here ECLECTIC FINDS








Then we got to visit with Natalie Cogan from About Face Mandeville. She was all sbout the sun and skin and the summer. Natalie has a special event this weekend. Find out more on their FB page here or listen to the interview below. ABOUT FACE ON FB.






And last we got to speak with Kevin Hines. He will be in Mandeville this Friday night to talk about his attempted suicide and what he is doing to help others now. You can learn all about him on his website.. KEVIN HINES.





Lake Loot


Q: Believe it or not 1 in 7 homes still has one of these…what is it?

A:  A Water Bed.

Winner: Sadie Kearns from Mandeville!


Q: The average person does what about twice in a lifetime and it is not good. What?

A: Break a mirror!

Winner: Sarah Melton from Slidell!


Q: About half of us take pictures of our food. What is the most popular food item we take pictures of?

A: Ice cream

Winner: Anna Shelton from Mandeville!


Q: There are 32-thousand different types of this. What?

A: Fish!

Winner: Travis Riddle from Lacombe!

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