Shout out to our teachers on the last day of school!!!!!



Our first interview today was Pete Scamardo with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. They have tons of boat safety events going on this weekend. Listen to the interview below to find out more.





Next was Sharon Schech, a talented NS musician who rolled out some new songs on the Lake today. She doesn’t know jack about celebrities but she sure can sing. You can hear one of the new songs here …



…or you can connect with Sharon online here SHARON SCHECH.




And here’s a behind the scenes look st Sharon working on her music…





And we spoke to Brennon Goodreau with the FHS Bulldog QB Club. Their golf tournament is coming up…





Today’s Hot Spot! Surfer’s Rehab in Slidell




Lake Loot


Q: About 1/2 of your friends think THIS about you.  What?

A:  That you ARE friends.

Winner: “Textron” Phil Neff from Slidell!


Q: YOU are feeling more stressed lately, some psychologists think this is why…

A: 2016 presidential election

Winner: Carra Rowland from Pearl River!


Q: 35% of women say they are jealous of women who have this…

A: Smaller feet

Winner: Betsy Zalot from Covington!


Q: 3% of people have cracked a tooth on this.

A: Unpopped popcorn kernel

Winner: Melanie Lonero from Covington!

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