Here’s a cool story about a Lacombe resident and vet who is working to bring home soldiers who remain classified as MIA…


ride of brotherhood


Ed Lewis is on a mission.


The Vietnam veteran, Lacombe resident and founder of Ride of the Brotherhood is determined to recover the remains of fallen heroes who remain classified as Missing in Action (MIA).  What makes Lewis’ quest even more interesting is that he’s helping the Vietnamese Ministry of Defence recover their war-dead, too.


For his efforts, the Republic of Vietnam last month awarded Lewis the Medalion of the Ministry of Defence, representing an understanding between Lewis’ organization and the Ministry itself.  Ride of the Brotherhood received the Dong Son Bronze Drum, a symbol of Vietnam that dates back more than 3,000 years.


“The Vietnamese government honored us for working to recover MIA soldiers from both country’s armed forces,” Lewis said.  “As a veteran, I’m proud to have served my country.  As a human being, I recognize that warriors are heroes no matter what nation they serve, and I’m proud to work with the Ministry of Defence in accomplishing this task.  Both awards are very prestigious, and is a high honor to receive them.”


During the recent trip, Ride of the Brotherhood members met with Vietnam Government officials, and presented research through the University of Hanoi, the U.S. department for MIA recovery, and with Vietnam-based groups and organizations interested in the locating of the remains of lost soldiers from the Vietnam War.  Representatives of the organization also presented military artifacts that were obtained in 1969 to the Ministry of National Defence Vietnam on behalf of U.S. Marine, Dean Carter.


The visit received widespread media coverage in Vietnam. Click HERE for a translated news story.


For more information, visit

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