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Lake Rewind: May 31, 2016


So who won our Memorial Day photo contest? We’re looking for pics that sum up your weekend. No one yet but Natalie’s pic will win her something.. it is a great one. You can enter your pic here LAKE FB PAGE. We’ll announce winners tomorrow morning!!!



nauti girls



Lake Loot


Q: According to the ladies the #1 mistake men make with women is not listening.  What’s #2?

A:  Not offering to help

Winner: Bobbie Dreiss from Abita!


Q: Office workers are 30% more likely to do this on Friday than any other day of the week.  Monday is the day it happens least. What is it?

A:  Flirt

Winner: John Priola from Mandeville!


Q: There’s a new Bible out there. What makes this one unique?

A: Made with emojis

Winner: Micah Miller from Slidell!


Q: Being willing to give this up could help you lose about 10 lbs this year. What is it?

A: Soda

Winner: Sherri Langevin from Slidell!



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