Our first guests today were from 30 by Ninety. Sondheim on Sondheim is coming up and you can fins out all about it, and their summer camps, in the interview below or online here 30 BY NINETY ON FB. Thanks to Emily Carmadelle and Cara Williams for the visit!







Up next was Jenn Messina from St Tammany West Habitat for Humanity. She brought along to ladies who are currently building homes: Derel Harrison and Bridgette Moritz. Hear what the ladies said about the process in the interview below or join them online here HABITAT FOR HUMANITY ST TAMMANY WEST. And buy your Raising the Roof House Raffle tickets here RAISING THE ROOF TIX.







We wrapped up the morning with Patrick and Sherri Sellen from Dynamic Physical Therapy. They wanted to promote the Run to Remember, coming up June 11th. Find out more in the interview below or on their website here DYNAMIC PHYSICAL THERAPY.







Lake Loot


Q: Millennials would rather share ____________ than their cellphone. What?
A: Toothbrush

Winner: Kim Vanderklis from Pearl River!


Q: Memorial Day weekend is the third biggest grilling occasion of the year. Name #1 and #2….

A: The Fourth of July and birthdays

Winner: Alexis Zezain from Slidell!


Q: Children around-the-world spend about 5 billion hours a year using THIS.

A: Legos

Winner: Paris Souza from Lacombe!


Q: An angry gorilla does THIS to show anger while a native of Tibet does it to show respect.

A: They stick out their tongues.

Winner: Cameron Nutzel from Mandeville!

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