It was great being back in the studio this morning after last week’s broadcasts from North Carolina. We welcomed in Annie from Northshore Dermatology. She had all kinds of ideas for Father’s Day. Take a listen or connect with them online here NS DERMATOLOGY



Randi Mercier and Kay Grantham were were from Magnolia Thrift. Connect with them online here … MAGNOLIA THRIFT ON FB.. to learn about their mission or listen to the interview below.




mag thirft



We played Lin-Manuel Miranda’s tribute to the victim’s in Orlando. Hear it below if you missed it…





ICYMI: A few pics from my trip last week to North Carolina…





Lake Loot


Q: 1 in 5 pets in the United Sate have at least one of THESE. What is it?

A: A social media account.

Winner: Tim Brown from Covington!


Q: Roughly 1 in 20 peeps who have a tattoo, have a tattoo of this. What is it?

A: Their Pet

Winner: Sam Bazile from Covington!


Q: Women wearing THIS at work earn 20% more than women who don’t.

A: Makeup

Winner: Sarah Wells from Slidell!


Q: One half of all couples in the US do this separately. What is it?

A: Their laundry

Winner: Sarah Bergeron from Mandeville!

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