We had a blast with our guests today, starting with Sarah Cottrell from Sophisticated Woman Magazine. She brought along Patty Beal to provide some fashion advice for Charles. Connect with Sarah online here SOPHISTICATED WOMAN and with Patty here PATTY BEAL. You can also hear what they said in the interview below.







Then we had two sharp young people representing 30 by Ninety. Julia Ernst and Justin Mouledous are going to be freshmen at Hannan and they are talented performers. Check out the interview below to hear them sing or go to this website to get your tickets to their performance 30 BY NINETY.







Thanks to St Tammany Fire District 12 for stopping by today with a nice plaque for helping them promote their Boot Shake after the flooding!


boot shake



And thanks to our friends with the Slidell Jazz and Blues Fest for a cool t-shirt and a great event. Looking forward to see what you guys pull off next year!


t shirt



Lake Loot


Q: About 8% of us are addicted to this. What is it?

A: Work.

Winner: Erin Folse from Abita!


Q: Almost 40% of couples will argue about this while in the car…

A: Where to park

Winner: Michelle Reine from Slidell!


Q: 1/2 of men experience this fashion problem on a daily basis. What is it?

A: A wedgie

Winner: Marie Lott from Lacombe!


Q: Four in ten of us have asked a stranger to do this.  What is it?

A:  Let us borrow a charger for our phone

Winner: Julie Perilloux from Folsom!


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