We’ll see you this afternoon at Expo! Come find us and say “Hey”!


This morning we welcomed three sets of guests who were promoting what they do here on the Northshore. First up we had St Tammany Parish Hospital. Amanda Paxton and Chris O’Donnell spoke about cardiac rehab and some events come up for them. Connect with STPH here STPH



stph logo



Up next was Bridget West, here representing The Disabled Vets Fundraiser happening this Saturday at Moviesets in Slidell. Find out more about the event on this FB page DISABLED VETS EVENT or listen to what Bridget said below. Connect with Bridget for Mint Events here MINT EVENTS. GEAUX PYRO can be found here GEAUX PYRO ONLINE






AND, here is Bridget’s winner to the event this weekend…


vets fund winner



And we ended the day with Jan McCardle and Paul Stich from The Samaritan Center. They had a variety of programs they were promoting, including some back to school opportunities. Check them out online here SAMARITAN CENTER or listen to Jan laugh below…







This is the link to a story about suicide that I talked about this morning. Powerful stuff…




Lake Loot


Q: We can stand doing THIS for only about 36 minutes per day. What is it?

A: Relax!

Winner: Kammie Brown from Lacombe!


Q: One of THESE generally lasts about 90 hours. What is it?

A: A Diet

Winner: Stephen Kearns from Mandeville!


Q: 50 percent of women would rather talk to a guy with bad breath than a guy with THIS…?

A: Nose Hair!

Winner: Jennifer Andreaus from Slidell!


Q: 1 in 10 people in THIS profession get seriously injured each year. What profession is it?

A: Clown!

Winner: Karla Glynn from Covington!

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