It was a fun morning today on the Lake 94.7. We’ll be talking to these folks next week to help promote their upcoming play….






We went a lil’ wild on Lake Loot this morning. I would play a clip from a movie to get you in, then ask you a second question about that movie once you were on the phone. Below you’ll find a clip with all the movies. Can you name them? Answers at the bottom of the page. Below you’ll also find all the follow-up questions used once we got you on the phone.





Lake Loot


Q: Anthony Hopkins had a friend who never did this. For his interpretation of Hannibal Lecter Hopkins borrowed the trait which unnerved people. What was it?

A: He never blinked.

Winner: Terri Collins from Robert!


Q: This location was one of the few original sets built for the film, the rest were all recycled from other Warner Brothers productions due to wartime restrictions on building supplies.

A: Rick’s Cafe

Winner: Sally Gill from Madisonville!


Q: Gollum says this seventeen times in this film.

A: The word “precious”

Winner: Evan Lacombe from Covington!


Q: The Author says the character Johnny Fontaine in this scene was not based on this singer. Who?

A: Frank Sinatra

Winner: Leslie Wolf from Mandeville!


Q: Although it had been around for a long time some people say the concept product placement in movies really got started in ET. Why?

A: The filmmakers had requested that M&M’s be used to lure E.T., instead of Reese’s Pieces. The Mars company had denied their request and so Reese’s Pieces were used instead. As a direct result, Reese’s Pieces sales skyrocketed.

Winner: Neely Estrade and Shelton Cassagne!


Q: Robin Williams’s last line in the film was ad-libbed. What is it?

A: “Son of a bitch. He stole my line,”

Winner: Brian Carbo from Mandeville!


Q: Michael Jeter also appeared in another Tom Hanks movie, He plays a construction worker. Name it.

A: The Money Pit; helping to rebuild the house that Hanks and Shelly Long buy.

Winner: Juni Gamard from Mandeville!


Movie Clips in order from audio above:

  1. Silence of the Lambs
  2. Casablanca
  3. Lord of the Rings
  4. The Godfather
  5. ET
  6. Good Will Hunting
  7. The Green Mile

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