We had the Mayor of Mandeville and 4 Unplugged in the house this morning. Donald Villere stopped by before his inauguration and joined Ricky to talk about the big 4th of July Celebration on the Lakefront this weekend. Connect with Ricky and Four Unplugged here online FOUR UNPLUGGED Thanks to the Mayor and Ricky for coming by! Everyone have a GREAT and SAFE 4th of July!







Lake Loot


Q: This word is used 164 times during the movie A Few Good Men. That’s an average of once every 50 seconds. What is it?

A: Sir

Winner: Sandra Miller from Hammond



A: We are Marshall

Winner: Greg Carmouche from Covington!


Q: Tyson Mao, Toby Mao and Lars Petrus were hired to coach Will Smith

A: To solve a Rubik’s Cube in under two minutes.

Winner: Robin Nelson from Abita


Q: Independence Day was first celebrated in what city?

A: Philadelphia. That’s where the Second Continental Congress met and the Declaration of Independence was adopted.

Winner: Joelle Null from Slidell and Sarah High from Mandeville!


Q: This is hard to believe but more than half of people polled say they actually enjoy THIS.

A: Going to the airport … the whole experience.

Winner: Kenny Kustenmacher from Lacombe!

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