Today we talked about the use of  Healing Arts at St Tammany Parish Hospital with Nicole Suhre, Mary Lee and Amanda Paxton. They have a reception coming up next week to honor the artists involved in their latest efforts and you can find out more in the interview below or through this link HEALING ARTS.




Nicole, Mary and Amanda


Lake Loot


Q: Research shows that 80% of these are consumed in the morning?

A: Raisins

Winner: Claire Saux from Covington!


Q: Japan is home to the world’s largest one of these. What?

A: Bowling alley!

Winner: Lester Richoux from Madisonville!


Q: Now THIS is the #1 fear people have when going to the beach. What?

A: Getting their stuff stolen!

Winner: Deanna Chevalier from Mandeville!


Q: The average woman will spend 17 minutes doing THIS today… What is it?

A: Picking A Good Outfit.

Winner: Stephanie Radosta from Slidell!

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