Our first guest today was Ronnie Simspon from St Tammany Parish Government. Ronnie spoke about Shake and Stroll, which is this weekend. Find out more in the interview below or online here STPG on FB.








Up next was Mayor Donald Villere from Mandeville. The mayor caught us up on the 4th of July celebration on the lakefront, and talked as bit about the big discussion planned for next week on the big lakefront development. Hear it below….





Mayor Villere



Lake Loot


Q: The average person does THIS for 36 minutes a day.

A: Relaxes

Winner: Jacks Conners from Slidell!


Q: 1 out of 7 people admit they brought this with them to work before. What?

A: Their dog!

Winner: Carol Barbier from Bush!


Q: Factoring in temp, travel, and places to visit, this state was recently voted best state for a Summer Road Trip. Where? (Not Louisiana.)

A: Oregon!

Winner: Kammie Brown from Lacombe!


Q: The average person gets 17 of THESE a year…?

A: Bug bites!

Winner: Nicole O’Callaghan from Mandeville!


Q: 1 in 3 drivers admit they do THIS while operating their vehicle.

A: Check Facebook

Winner: Carla Gibson from Madisonville!

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