We started off the morning with the St Tammany West Chamber. Lacy’s guest was Rhonda Bagby from Humana, one of the sponsors of the upcoming Southern Nights. Connect with the chamber and learn more about Southern Nights here ST TAMMANY CHAMBER. You can connect with Rhonda here RHONDA BAGBY.








Mayor Cooper was by for his monthly update on everything happening in his city. You can connect with Covington here COVLA.COM. Thanks to Mayor Cooper for his time




Mayor C



And thanks to Shawn Catalano and John Ammerman who were here to promote Tikis on the Tchefuncte, which is this weekend at the Covington Country Club. Find out more in the interview below or on their website here TIKIS ON THE TCHEFUNCTE. This event helps out The Tchefuncte River Foundation, which you can visit here I LOVE MY RIVER and The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum, which you can connect with here  MARITIME MUSEUM.




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Are you playing Where in the World in St Tammany??? Tell us where this pic is from.


pic 1


Find out more here Loot! Where in the World in St Tammany?



Lake Loot


Q: Over 90% of us say “yeah, I’ve eaten that at least once, I wasn’t crazy about it”.  What is it?

A:  Jello

Winner: Susan Roth from Folsom!


Q: Former President Jimmy Carter had these installed at the White House, but President Ronald Reagan had them removed. What were they?
A: Solar panels on the White House roof

Winner: Jocelyn Molina from Slidell!


Q: When this six-letter word is capitalized, it refers to a European country and language. When not capitalized, it means to make smooth or shiny. What is the word?
A: Polish
Winner: Eric Reilly from Covington!


Q: The phrase, “First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen” was spoken at the funeral of what person?

A: George Washington

Winner: Scott Meyer from Covington!

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