Randi Mercier stopped by from Magnolia Thrift to talk about her ribbon cutting on Tuesday at 11:30. Light refreshments will be served. Go see them! You can find them online here MAGNOLIA THRIFT ON FB.







Cally Leigh Caillouet was our second winner for Where in the World in St Tammany. A new pic is up today! Go play here Loot! Where in the World in St Tammany?


Lake Loot


Q: The average adult will do this 41 times today. What?

A: Sends a text message

Winner: Tabitha Unbehagen from Slidell!


Q: THIS will cost you $3,300 this year. What?

A: Having a job!

Winner: Lilly Zinkocizh from Slidell!


Q: Research shows that MOMS are more likely than DADS to have THIS. What is it?

A: A Favorite Child

Winner: Julie Perriloux from Folsom!


Q: This will happen 6 times during a first date. What?

A: The guys will lie

Winner: Sarah Melton from Slidell and Angela Hunley from Mandeville!



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