It was a busy and fun day at the Lake studios this morning. We started things off with STPH. Amanda Paxton and Robin Gitz were here talking about wound care. You can find out more on their website here WOUND CARE.




Amanda and Robin


Next we talked with Tom Dawsey, Assistant AD with our Southeastern Lions. The Lions will have their Coaches Caravan in Mandeville tonight at the new Florida Parishes Bank. Drop by and meet some of your favorite SLU coaches and hear them chat about what they expect in the upcoming year. Interview is below. Join the Lions online here LIONS SPORTS.









And finally we welcomed in Charlotte Champagne and Chris Hines to talk about the West St Tammany Red Beans and Rice. Info and interview below and you can join United Way online here UNITED WAY SELA. You can join FD 12 online here FD 12. (We’ll see you out there this Monday at SSA!!!)









Lake Loot


Q: Think about your phone…. Nearly 70 percent of these are purchased by women…although men use them as well. What?

A: Ringtones

Winner: Michelle Williams from Pearl River!


A new survey shows that the more times a woman has been married, the more likely she is to do this.

A: Hide money

Winner: Max Bingham from Pearl River!


Q: 9 in 10 people have experienced THIS in the past two weeks… What?

A: A Brain Freeze!

Winner: Angel Loyacano from Covington!


Q: In 1 in 5 homes THIS doesn’t work, and there is no desire to fix it…?

A: Doorbell!

Winner: Rene Hocke from Slidell!


Q: Over 40,000 people go to the ER each year because they were bitten by this… What?

A: Another human!

Winner: Margaret French from Mandeville!

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