We had a good time talking with Miss Louisiana Teen USA Ellie Picone. She is a sharp (and tall) young lady and we wish her the best next week in Vegas. You can hear what she had to say below or connect with her online here MISS TEEN LOUISIANA.







Ellie and CD



Lake Loot


Q: 7 out of 10 mothers told their children not to do THIS when they were little. What?

A: Don’t cross your eyes because they will stay that way.

Winner: Gina Nelson from Mandeville!


Q: The average parent gets 16 of THESE per day.

A: Minutes of free time

Winner: Chris Temples from Mandeville!


Q: Seems like the number would be higher but only 5% of people say they’ve done THIS during their commute. What is it?
A: Gotten out of their car to confront someone!

Winner: Kelly Hodges from Mandeville!


Q: 6 in 10 dads now do this on a fairly regular basis for the kids. What?

A: Make their lunch

Winner: Elizabeth Anderson from Covington!

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