Lots of people came by the studios today! We started with Monster Mash 2016. It will be October 15th and we had a good conversation with Lori Cage, Melanie Byrd and Amanda Paxton about it. They are looking for sponsors and volunteers for the event. Connect with them online here to leanr more MONSTER MASH.







Next was Fire Chief Chris Kaufmann from Fire Protection District 1. We will join Chris and the rest of the United Way in Slidell Monday for the Red Beans and Rice Cookoff. Find out more in the interview below.







And last we spoke with Sue Ellen Stewart from NS Families Helping Families. She was joined by Shanna Utterbach from Barnes and Noble where they are hosting a big Harry Potter event this weekend and dedicating some of the proceeds to Sue Ellen’s non-profit. Connect with them online here BARNES AND NOBLE MANDEVILLE FB or here NS FAMILIES ON FB.






Lake Loot


Q: When it comes to their car 7 in 10 people don’t know how to properly do THIS. What?

A: Jumpstart a battery using black & red cables, not sure which cables go where.

Winner: Faith Lagarde from Bush!


Q: Around the middle of the 18th century, this Englishman wrote a book of rules and instructions for indoor games, especially card games. Who was he?
A: Edmond Hoyle

Winner: Vince Matero from Mandeville!


Q: A new study shows you should do this at least once a day to help relieve tension and stress. What is it?
A: Scream

Winner: Sandra Baudoin from Covington!


Q: When asked to describe their husband in one word, the majority used this one.

A: Messy

Winner: Ashley Moore from Slidell!


Q: How do you get into the kitchens of Hogwarts?

A: Tickle the pear

Winner: Joseph Wilbourn from Pearl River and Christine Desposito from Mandeville!


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