We came, we beaned, we conquered! Thanks to our friend/ringer/real cook Shern from the Times Grill the Lake 94.7 got to take home some hardware from today’s United Way East St Tammany Red Beans and Rice Cook-off. The competition was stiff, and a good time was had by all. We got to chat with all kinds of people on the air including Pat Brister, Randy Smith, Freddy Drennan and more. There are some pics from the big day below.




Lake Loot:


Q: Experts say people reach the peak of their ability to do this at the age of 7.  What is it?

A: See ghosts.

Winner: Savannah Allange from Slidell!


Q: 50 percent of people say they have had a near death experience while doing this. What is it?

A: Swimming

Winner: Jeff Eason from Slidell!


Q: It will take you twice as long to do this today on Monday, than it will any other day of the week… What is it?

A: Decide what to have for dinner

Winner: Veronica Smith from Ponchy!


Q: Studies show you are less likely to fight with your spouse if you do this when you get home.

A: Dim the lights

Winner: Help!!!! ??? Charles lost it!!!!


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