Today was all about the Ultimate Tailgate Party with The West St Tammany Exchange Club. Jacob Butcher and Bridget West were in the studios to tell us about the event. You can hear them below or connect with the Exchange Club here ULTIMATE TAILGATE or Geaux Pyro here GEAUX PYRO.







Lake Loot


Q: Actually people between the ages of 18-24 are 3X more likely than senior citizens to do this. What?

A: Fall for a scam!

Winner: Stephanie Kimble from Bush!


Q: You reach your peak in this ability in your mid 30’s.  What?

A: Spelling

Winner: Kelly Wheat from Slidell!


Q: The number of women doing this has gone up 25% in the last 10 years.

A: Robbing banks!

Winner: Jane Cannella from Slidell!


Q: Experts say we should do this every day, but only 30% of us actually do. What is it?

A: Complement Ourselves.

Winner: Kelly Hart from Abita!


Q: This topped a poll from women about strange but common cravings they had during pregnancy. What is it?

A: Ice.

Winner: Kayla Bryan from Metairie!

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