Today Ronnie Simpson came by to see us from St Tammany Parish Government. He wanted to spread the word about a law enforcement banquet coming up September 23rd. We also talked about kids going back to school, the proposed Arts and Culture project and more.  If you want to hear what he had to say check out the interview below. Connect with them online here STPG.






Next we spoke to the Senior Pastor Howard Walden at Inspire Church, our neighbors, about their Back to School Celebration tomorrow at 10. Free school supplies and a water slide! Check them out online here Inspire on FB






Finally our friend Dr. Saux will have plenty of pirates descending on downtown Covington this Saturday for a party to benefit NAMI. If you want to hear the good doc and his Arrrrrgh’s here is a sample….




You can hear the whole interview here… Lake Rewind: August 4, 2016 …



Lake Loot


Q: Name the #1 Summer Olympic sport people say they like to watch the most.
A: Swimming

Winner: Danny Herod from Slidell!


Q: You are more likely to get a raise at work if you do this….

A: Use your vacation days!

Winner: Savannah Galloway from Covington!


Q: 1 in 3 office workers have THIS on their desk.  What?

A: A candy dish

Winner: Carolyn Williams from Covington!


Q: Men eat twice as much of this type of food compared to women. What is it?

A: Nuts

Winner: Carleigh Breaux from Covington!


Q: For couples in their 20’s this is the biggest thing they fight about on a regular basis. What is it?

A: Too much time spent online

Winner: Tricia Labit from Mandeville!

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