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And we’re showing our hardworking teachers some love on FB. You still have time to get involved. You still have time to get your teacher nominated! Here is one of the better ones we’ve gotten so far!  Awwwww….


Mike FincI watched Monica Giles Finch grow from being an unsure college senior, to a person her students couldn’t live without. It takes patience and dedication to teach third grade. All her life, she wanted to teach, and she has been doing that for fourteen years now. I used to visit her afterschool and watch her students stop by on their way out just to hug her. She does an amazing job, all while being a single mother to two incredible kids, one of whom is a special needs child. Good luck this year, Monie! And thank you, to all the teachers, selflessly molding minds and preparing kids for the world.




Lake Loot:


Q: You’ll spend 80 minutes today doing this. What?

A: Eating

Winner: Cassidy Lyons from Covington!


Q: On average, a child uses this 730 times by their 10th birthday?
A: Crayons

Winner: Brandon Migliore from Covington!


Q: The average person goes through 7 of THESE in thier lifetime.  What is it?
A: Office chairs!

Winner: Jessica Erny from Mandeville!


Q: 4 in 10 men have fallen asleep while doing THIS.  What is it?
A: Getting a haircut

Winner: Tommy Aucoin from Slidell!


Q: The average adult lives 15 miles away from THIS. What?

A: Their Mom

Winner: Tish McNamara from Covington!

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