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We had a great time with Michael and Grant from Grant’s Gift Foundation this morning. Grant was all about being on the radio and had plenty to say about the Olympics and his new year at school. Connect with Grant and his father online here GRANTS GIFT FOUNDATION.







The other interview this morning was with Leslie Landry and Amanda Paxton from Mary Bird Perkins at St Tammany Parish Hospital. They wanted to spread the word about Benefits of Home, their Gala Event happening this weekend. Find out more online here BENEFITS OF HOME.







Lake Loot


Q: 7 in 10 people would be unwilling to do THIS even if their partner asked them to.

A: Become A Vegetarian

Winner: No Winner!!!!!


Q: Scientists say that global warming, or climate change, is primarily caused by the increase in the atmosphere of what gas?

A: CO-2

Winner: Logan Desoto from Lacombe!


Q: Can you name three films with one word titles, and beginning with the same letter of the alphabet, which starred the actress Cher?

A: Mask, Memaids, Moonstruck

Winner: Megan Brown from Covington!


Q: The 1990 film, Reversal of Fortune, was a film about attorney Alan Dershowitz defending an arrogant man accused of murdering his wife. Name the husband and wife.


Winner: Luke Avenel from Mandeville!


Q: He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth for services to drama. He preferred to be knighted with his stage name, rather than his real name, Maurice Micklewhite. Who is he?

A: Michael Caine

Winner: Andrea Metzger from Slidell!

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