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Today our first guest was Mayor Villere and Chief Gerald Sticker from Mandeville. Sticker accepted his new post last night and we look forward to hearing from him in the future. You can connect with Mandeville Police here CITY OF MANDEVILLE or hear what Chief Sticker said below.







Up next, the weather pushed Michelle Burtch into service for CAGNO. Here’s the event she wanted to promote…

Viva La Cure – A Night of Hope is a Latin-themed event to raise funds for the Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans and a local Oncology Scholarship fund.  This year’s event is in memory of Dr. Michael S Fischer, who passed away this past October.

Find out more online here CAGNO VIVA LA CURE.






Lake Loot


Q: 8 in 10 of us stop doing THIS once we are married. What is it?

A: Exercise

Winner: Shannon Bazos from Covington!


Q: What were the names of these two popular films: the remake from 1991 of the original film from 1950, with the same title, which starred Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor as father and daughter. What’s the title?

A: Father of the Bride

Winner: Karen Tullier from Covington!


Q: More than 90 percent of the rain in the world falls here

A: Ocean

Winner: Angela Leggitt from Mandeville!


Q: Name two prime numbers with a sum of 1000 and the greatest possible difference.

A: 3 and 997

Winner: Rebecca Amick from Covington!


Q: Christopher Columbus is the first person known to have written about what?

A: Raccoons!

Winner: Shae Lodriguss from Slidell!

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