Thanks to Amy Bouton who stopped by from STPG to tell us what the local government is doing in response to our flooding. The parish is working to access the extent of the damage so if you got water please call them or email them at 985-898-2700 or Go to their website here ST TAMMANY PARISH.







Julia, Trey and Emily’s mom may, or may not have been in her bathrobe when she called this morning. Either way, the kids won Mom a pair of tickets to the Benefits of Home event this Thursday. Here is the link, BENEFITS OF HOME  and mom is below with some of the Lake crew…






Lake Loot


Q: 3/4ths of women have given their partner one of these. What is it?

A: A “to do” list

Winner: Jimmy Handley from Pearl River!


Q: What is the most struggling of all subjects?


Winner: Julia Songhy from Lacombe!


Q: The number of people doing this is off by more than 10%, probably because of the Olympics. What?

A: Watching Netflix

Winner: Loretta Andrews from Slidell!


Q: Less than 25% of Americans like doing this, although that does not stop it from happening. What is it?

A: Taking a selfie.  

Winner: Rebecca Connick from Metairie!!


Q: The label that lies! Products that have THIS label live up to their name only about half the time… What?

A: Natural!

Winner: Bobbie Ellis from Covington!

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