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Today we were glad to welcome in our DA, Warren Montgomery. Warren spoke about some of the things his office is doing to help out other DA offices who were hit by the flooding. He also spoke about some new programs they are considering. Find out more in the interview below or connect with them online here WARREN MONTGOMERY








We also spoke with Amanda Paxton and Nancy Ferger from St Tammany Parish Hospital. Nancy works with the new moms who breastfeed. She had all kinds of information about breastfeeding and the other services offered for new moms. You can hear it below.







Lake Loot


Q: 40% of moms do THIS in the mornings to make sure things go smoother when they take the kids to school. What is it?

A: Wear their PJ’s to drive them!

Winner: Lauren Cloutet from Slidell!


Q: Lisa has a collection of 80 CDs. If 40 percent of her CDs are rap,and the rest are hip hop, how many hip hop CDs does she have?

A: 48

Winner: Colin Harrington from Madisonville!


Q: Almost half of all men now copy their wives with this beauty activity, what is the activity?

A: Pluck eyebrows



Q: 4 out of 5 married people do THIS when their spouse is away for the night?

A: Sleep on their partner’s side of the bed

Winner: Rachel Wiley from Pearl River!


Q: The more education you receive, the larger this gets. What is it?

A: Your signature.

Winner: Emilie Kelley from Madisonville!

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