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Today’s guest was Victoria Langlinais from the Silver Slipper. She was here representing Bring It Home Northshore, an organization that serves the family members of our servicemen and women overseas. They have a great event coming up September 25th. It is a back yard style cook-off called the Warrior’s Wing Cook-off. Sign up your team here WARRIOR WING COOK-OFF. You can listen to her explain it in the interview below.








Lake Loot


Q: 3 in 5 women say they wouldn’t date a guy who had THIS.

A: A pony tail

Winner: Jason Ludlow from Slidell!


Q: People were asked to name something you should never do after the age of 40 and a majority of people said this. What?

A: get a tattoo

Winner: Nelly Estrade from Covington!


Q: Women were asked to name a food known to change and improve their appearance. Almost 50% said this.  What is it?

A: Lemon juice

Winner: Gloria Martinez from Slidell!


Q: Adult men were asked what they try to hide from their mothers.  1 in 3 guys said this.  What is it?

A: That they own a motorcycle

Winner: Ken Hahn from Slidell!

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