Frequent listener “English Mike” won some Loot this morning and passed it on to another caller as a gift. That got us started for the rest of the day as “winners” gifted out their Loot to family or friends. First though, let’s shine the spotlight on our new intern Ben Mackenzie. Ben is from Scotland but currently attending Northlake Christian. We still haven’t settled on a nickname for Ben. If you want to come up with a broadcast nickname for Ben we would love to hear it. You might even win some Loot. Submit below…

Play “Name the Intern” ….



Ben the Knife, Scottish Intern, Fighting Mac…???


Lake Loot


Q: More than half of us said we would do this on our summer vacation, but didn’t.  What?

A:  Disconnect from Social Media.

Winner: English Mike who gave his prize to Reid Long from Pearl River!

7:15 Kid’s Only

Name the item you might have around your home what item that pandas eat every day?

A: Bamboo

Winner: Madelyn Kleibert from Folsom who gave her tix to Emma Thibodaux from Covington!


Q: 50% of parents says this happens as soon as their kids go back to school.

A: They want to have another baby.

Winner: Amy Dutch for the Lundy Family!


Q: Drivers say THIS is the most annoying thing that happens in the car during a road trip. What is it?

A: Someone messing with the radio!

Winner: Shelly Dupuis from Mandeville who gave tickets to Kelly Ulfers from Mandeville!


Q: ½ of all college students do not have this in their kitchen, What is it?

A: spices

Winner: Megan Hefty from Covington who gifted to her brother Chase!

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