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Thanks to Dawn and the gang from the East St Tammany Chamber of Commerce! We had a BIG time at the Fan Up Pep Rally and someone (Charles) won a cool cooler!




(We also scored a really cool Saints Snuggie from the Silver Slipper and Daniel won Saints tix for tonight’s game!!!)


Lake Loot


Q: Studies suggest THIS SMELL makes people act nicer toward one another. What?

A: Coffee

Winner: Riley Shasteen from Abita!


Q: The Bering Strait separates what two countries?

A: Russia and USA

Winner: Jerry Johns Jr. from Slidell!


Q: 3 out of 4 kids will lie about this.

A: Homework

Winner: Lauren Ogden from Slidell!


Q: This “species” is considered endangered, which is odd considering the “species” is not alive and never has been. What is it?

A: Lawn flamingos!

Winner: Emilie Kelley from Madisonville!


Q: Seems like it should be much longer but on average, this lasts only about 13 minutes… What is it?

A: Actual playing time of an NFL game

Winner: Robert Simpson from Covington!

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