Today we talked about a couple of local events coming up. First the Septembeerfest, which is September the 10th at the Harbor Center. We’ll have tickets for that one to give away soon. Find out more about the event, which benefits Hospice House, right here SEPTEMBEERFEST 2016. And we spoke a little bit about Kickin’ Parkinsons; whic is headed Back to the Eighties on Thursday, September 22nd. Find out more here KICKIN PARKINSONS.


Lake Loot


Q:  1 in 5 of us say we’ve been late for work because of this.

A: Forgot their cell phone and went back for it

Winner: Angela Garland from Slidell!


Q: Which English word meaning dirty, wretched, or repulsive comes from the Latin word for filthy?

A: Squalid

Winner: Lily Firmin from Bush


Q: Most of us have about 6 of these committed to memory. What?

A: Recipes

Winner: Tori Powers from Covington!


Q: 1 in 5 of us say THIS keeps us from being productive at work

A: Being hungry

Winner: Elizabeth Zalot from Covington


Q: 1 in 3 parents say they get stressed this time of the year when doing THIS for their children. What?

A: Packing the children’s school lunch

Winner: Kathleen Roulle from Abita!


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