Get ready for Kooky Commercial 2016! We did this last year and had a lot of fun with it.


There was Anne’s Flowers…


The Man Who Can Fly


Ricky Martin Funeral Home


And more. But the commercials last time we did this had one thing in common. They did not represent real businesses. This year it will be different.  This year all of our Kooky Commercials will be actual businesses on the NS. (Except we might have a little fun with them!) So pay attention, this is your chance to win prizes just for listening to the radio. Kooky Commercial 2016 will be starting soon!



Lake Loot


Q: More than 15 million people stopped doing this over the last 30 days. What is it?

A: Playing Pokemon Go!

Winner: Brody Head from Madisonville!


Q: Who said ,’Give me liberty or give me death ?

A: Patrick Henry

Winner: Evan Carse from Madisonville!


Q: One of the ten actors who played the Oompa Loompas was

A: A female.

Winner: Jack Kingston from Slidell!


Q: 8 in 10 people believe wearing this helps them land a job. What is it?

A: Polished shoes

Winner: Amanda Penton from Hammond!


Q: When asked what they missed most about being single 7 in 10 newlyweds said this. What is it?

A: Having their own bathroom

Winner: Heidi Crouch from Pearl River!

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