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Today’s guests were Les Bascle and Dave Smith. They were here to talk about Kairos Prison Ministries. Find out more about what they are doing and how you can help by listening to the interview or clicking here KAIROS PRISON MINISTRY







Lake Loot


Q: Only 1 in 10 people do this at the grocery store. What?

A: Read nutrition labels.

Winner: no winner


Q: 4 out of 5 teenagers admit to having one of these – what is it?

A: A curfew

Winner: Susan Resore from Slidell


Q: A new study has found that women do indeed do this longer than men … What?

A: Hold Grudges!

Winner: Stacy Chreene from Madisonville!


Q: What are two common names for jumping, tailless amphibia?

Answer: Frog or toad

W: Dottie Davis from Mandeville!


Q: These 2 professions are nearly 100% filled by women. What are they?

A: Kindergarten Teachers and Dental Hygienist

Winner: Eugenia Gangi from Mandeville!

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