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Take a listen to Jen and Elizabeth talk about an event they have coming up that will benefit Habitat. Info in the interview and in the pics below. You can sign up here IMPASTATO GALLERY.








Lake Loot


Q: Studies show the average person forgets THIS at least once a day?

A: What day of the week it is

Winner: Trish Picone from Lacombe!


Q: Place the Greek philosophers Plato, Aristotle, Socrates in historical order starting with earliest:


Winner: Conner Massett from Slidell!


Q: Surprisingly 3 out of 5 women say that men who have THIS are more attractive than men who don’t. What?

A: Facial Scar

Winner: Jeremiah Petrosky from Mandeville!


Q: 70% of us who own one of these don’t use it for its original purpose. What is it?

A: A garage

Winner: Lana Lapara from Mandeville!


Q: People do this more on Monday than any other day of the week, what is it?

A: Complain

Winner: Kristin Silessi from Slidell!

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