Lake Loot was all about the big screen today. We played Movie Clips and you guessed the movies, then answered a question about those movies. The answers are at the bottom of the page but listen to the clips and see if you know all 5 of them.




Our guests today were Kathy Busco from Hospice Foundation of the South and from St Tammany Parish Hospital we had Amanda Paxton and Shirley Primes.


Kathy was here to promote SeptemBeerFest 2016. Over 100 beers on hand for you to sample!!! That’s this weekend at the Harbor Center. Get your tickets online here… HOSPICE FOUNDATION OF THE SOUTH. Hear what she said below.






We also had Amanda and Shirley in studio talking about volunteer opportunities at STPH. You can hear more from them below.








Lake Loot


Movie Clip: Christmas Vacation

Q: Chevy Chase appears in some scenes wearing ________ in all four Vacation movies. What?

A: The same navy blue Chicago Bears ball cap

Winner: Kaleigh Ekinia from Ponchy!


Movie Clip: Guardians of the Galaxy:

Q: According to Vin Diesel he recorded this iconic line over 1,000 times. What is it?

A: “I am Groot!”

Winner: Emily Songhy from Lacombe!


Movie Clip: Old School

Q: This song is played four times in the movie – twice with the words, once without, and once hummed. The band is also mentioned by Mitch when he references Nicole’s high school jean-jacket.

A: “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake

Winner: Norma Murray from Covington!


Movie Clip: Mash

Q: This movie is set on the front lines of the Korean War but the only gunshots heard throughout the movie are from where?

A: From the referee’s pistol during the inter-camp football game.

Winner: Colleen Pheriault from Metairie!


Movie Clip: Blazing Saddles

Q: According to Mel Brooks when Gene Wilder first came on set for this movie, he asked that for Brooks’ next movie he use an idea that Wilder had been working on. That idea was… what

A: Young Frankenstein

Winner: Sharon Fernandez from Covington!

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