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We heard real powerful stuff from Chief Tim Lentz and Johnny Lonardo as they talked about Operation Angel and the Giving Hope Retreat in Lacombe. Listen to their interview below or join them online here GIVING HOPE.






Next we had Chris Licciardi and Kim Torrea from the Mandeville Band Boosters. Their Festiblue is coming up September 24th in Mandeville. Connect with them online here MANDEVILLE BAND







Lake Loot


Q: 1 in 3 women have to check this out while getting ready to go out.

A: Look at their rear end in the mirror

Winner: Heather Surcoff from Slidell!

7:15 Kids Only

Q: Song: Wheels on the Bus

A: Wheels, wipers, horn, doors, driver, baby, mommy

Winner: Cooper Estrade from Covington!


Q: The average person has 17 of THESE each year.  The # is higher in Louisiana. What is it?

A: Bug bites

Winner: Trista Echols from Slidell


Q: 1 in 5 adults will lose this at least once this year.

A: Credit card

Winner: Brian Darr from Covington!


Q: People do this more in their 20’s than any other age in their life. What is it?

A: Eat Out

Winner: Dawn Hope from Slidell!

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