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The KOOKY COMMERCIAL Contest for 2016 is underway!!!!

Listen carefully to see if you can find out Kooky Commercial. To find out more click here Kooky Commercial 2016

Today for Lake Loot we played different languages and had you guess what the languages were. Can you do it? They are below with the answers in the Lake Loot section at the bottom of the page.







Today we had MIchelle Biggs from the St Tammany West Chamber of Commerce. She spoke about their Governmental Affairs Committee and all the work they are doing. And she gave us an update on Constitution Day, which they will be observing with students from 8 local schools. Find out more about the Chamber right here ST Tammany West Chamber or listen to the interview below.










We also welcomed in Mayor Mike Cooper. Tons of events coming up in Covington and he ran through some of them. He also spoke about some upcoming projects and other things going on in the city. Hear him below…







Lake Loot


Q: 1 in 5 bosses have this in common. What?

A: Have high levels of psychopathic traits

Winner: Ann Margiotta from Slidell


Guess the language

  1. Japanese
  2. Hungarian
  3. Italian

Winner: Patrick Gahagan from Covington!


Guess the language 2

  1. Chinese
  2. Irish
  3. French

Winner: Melissa Geiger from Slidell!


Guess the language 3

  1. German
  2. Chinese
  3. Polish

Winner: Cameron and Bobbi Ellis from Covington!


Guess the language 4

  1. Dutch
  2. Swedish
  3. Arabic

Winner: Hannah Manint from Covington!



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