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DA Warren Montgomery was one of our guests today on the Lake 94.7. He talked about staff, some of the cases they are working on, and the dangers of drugs in our community.  Thanks to the DA for taking time out to come talk to us. Find him online here DA Montgomery.





We also got to speak with Leslie Landry and Amanda Paxton about Geaux Pink and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can find out more about that they are doing in the interview below, or in the pic below that.





Lake Loot


Q: Last names of the actors in the clip:

A: Spacey, Eastwood, Williams, Duval

Winner: Mary Doyle from Mandeville!


Q: Names of movies in the clip:

A: Phantom Menace, As Good as it Gets, Ghost

Winner: Celeste Allen from Mandeville!


Q: Name the characters talking in the clip:

A: Biff, Cameron, The Dude

Winner: Adam Dorian!


Q: Name the movies in the clip

A: The Hangover, Jaws, The Shining

Winner: Vinnie Robinson from Slidell!


Q: Name the movies in the clip


A: Animal House, Caddyshack, Zoolander

Winner: Richard Groce from Covington!



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