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We had a great time today talking with Penny and Quentin Dastugue about Kickin’ Parkinsons, and their big event this Thursday night. You can still get tickets here KICKIN PARKINSONS.





We also got to visit with Amy Bouton from STPG. She spoke about the new library in Slidell, the President’s Cup and a pet adoption special going on right now. Connect with them here STPGOV.






Lake Loot


Q: ¼ of all people said THIS is the biggest productivity killer at their job. What?

A: Meetings!!

Winner: Christi Weber from Covington!

7:15 Kids Only

The slang term “Davy Jones’s Locker” refers to what unusual location?

Bottom of the sea

Winner: Killian Myers from Slidell!


Q: Half of all smart-phone users never do this. What?

A: They never download an app!



Q: According to Michael J. Fox’s Family Ties

A: Alex P. Keaton

Winner: Angel Loyacano from Covington!


Q: It happened in 1961. It won’t happen again until 6009. What?

The year will look the same when rotated

Winner: Natalie Lapeyrouse from Mandeville!


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