We invited you to share some of the shear stupidity you have seen in other driver’s on the Causeway. Here is our Top 10 list of the crazy things you have seen!!!

The Grand Prize winner needs to send us an address through FB or email for her Loot!


Number 10 goes to Samantha Damare Maxwell who said:

I saw a guy eating hot wings with dipping sauce. Both hands off the wheel, sauce all over his hands and face, using one hand to hold the wings and one to hold the cup of dipping sauce.

Number 9 goes to Sarah Melton who said:

I’ve seen someone pulled over taking a nap! SMH

Number 8 goes to Yvette Fontenot who said:

Plucking eyebrows.

Number 7 goes to Heidi Jenkins who said:

Reading a book while putting on their makeup and eating (she was rotating the makeup and her breakfast)

Number 6 goes to Christy Rogers Coakley who said:

Reading a newspaper or taking a freaking selfie!!

Number 5 goes to Ashlee Everett Cleveland who said:

Flossing teeth…with both hands….string not the little picks

Number 4 goes to Lesley Knowles Amacker who said:

Changing places with the passenger

Number 3 goes to Joann Rogers Planche who said:

Trimming their ear hairs with scissors…

Number 2 goes to MechaCon Vii Wonder Chef who said:

Saw lady driving by herself…unbuckle seat belt, move from driver’s seat to back seat to get a bag out of the trunk area of her SUV. Luckily the car was driving slow enough for her to get what she needed and get back to the driver’s seat before her or anyone else was hurt.

And our Grand Prize Winner is Courtney Hebert who saw someone who does not deserve the responsibility of caring for a child. She said:

A guy holding his kid over the edge of the bridge in the crossover so the kid could drop a doodie in the lake.

Lord help us!

And we are highlighting dumb behavior so this one doesn’t win, but I bet it was something. Robert Jacob LeBlanc said

Give birth to a baby !!!


PLEASE don’t find yourself on this list! Be careful out there people!

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