Melanie Geier was our first guest today. She was promoting the Fall Gala for Pontchartrain Elementary, which is coming up October 21st. Connect with them online here PONTCHARTRAIN.








We also spoke with Sr. Pastor Paul Trentacoste and Greg Byers. (The bread pudding kings.) These men represent a coalition of Pentecostal churches and they were here to promote some of their support groups. You can connect with them online here POLR.







Lake Loot


Q: You are supposed to do it every day, but on average, people forget to it five times a month. What is it?

A: Wear deodorant

Winner: Austin Fredrick from Covington!

7:15 Kids Only

Q: THE OLDEST elected president was Reagan (age 69); the youngest was Kennedy (age 43).  But someone else who was younger took the office as president. Who was it?

A: Theodore Roosevelt, however, was the youngest man to become president—he was 42 when he succeeded McKinley, who had been assassinated.

Winner: Cole Mire from Abita!


Q: A recent survey ranked the top breakfast cereals of all time. Give us three of the top 5.

A: Quisp (I know), Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cap’n Crunch

Winner: Teresa Casey from Slidell!


Q: We’re talking about fears. 94% of Men are afraid of this.

A: Losing their hair

Winner: Lauren Williams from Pearl River!


Q: 1 in 5 married couples argue about this very specific issue at a very specific time every year. What is it?

A: Football

Winner: Les Bascle from Lacombe!

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