Talk about two powerful and well spoken ambassadors for a cause! Lisa McKenzie and Elise Angelette came in today to talk about Younight, a program for women dealing with cancer. You can find out more on their website here YOUNIGHT.






We also spoke to our first candidate for the Slidell Police Chief race, Jimmie Estes. You can find out more about his career in law enforcement and where he stands on the issues on his FB page here ESTES ON FB.





Lake Loot


Q: You are calling in sick to work (but you are not sick) then this is the BEST excuse to use. What?

A: The Flu

Winner: Megan Bartley from Covington!

7:15 Kids Only Lake Loot

Q: Cartoon Mashup

A: Batman, Homer, Patrick, Bugs Bunny

Winner: Jaden Lauden from Mandeville!


Q: Adult males spend 4X as much time doing this as they did 50 years ago. What?

A: Parenting!

Winner: Jocelyn Molina from Slidell!


Q: People are twice as likely to do this very common thing during the weekend. What is it?

A: Spend money

Winner: Alexis Adams from Abita!


Q: People were asked what they were most afraid of! Snakes was the #1 response. What was the #2 response?

A: A robot taking your job  29%

Winner: No one!


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