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Today Barbara Doyle stopped by to promote this weekend’s Olde Towne Pumpkin Festival in Slidell. Connect with them on FB here OLDE TOWNE PUMPKIN FEST.





We also got to catch up with Amanda Paxton, Melanie Byrd and Lori Cage about the upcoming Monster Mash. Connect with them online for tickets and info here MONSTER MASH.




Lake Loot


Q: Americans throw out 3.5 billion of these every year at the house.  People just don’t like the “old ones”

A: Wire hangers

Winner: Vic Moore from Mandeville!

7:15 Kids Loot

Name the movies

A:  Independence Day, Beetlejuice, Ace Ventura

Winner: Reese Grimley from Lacombe!


Q: Name 3 of the top 10 soothing sounds:

A: Sizzling bacon, The opening notes of your favorite TV show’s theme song, Wine “glugging” into a glass, A beer can opening, Rain, Mail notification on your phone, A crowd cheering a touchdown, Popcorn popping in the microwave, Water boiling, A champagne cork popping, The voice of your favorite radio personality

Winner: Kim Stevens from Slidell!


Q: The study surveyed 14,000 people, and of them 26% did it before the first date, 42% did it after the first date and 32% did it about a month after the first date. What is it?

A: Friend them on social media!

Winner: Angela Barron from Slidell!


Q: A majority of people agree THIS is the most awkward moment when it comes to money.

A: Asking the boss for a raise.

Winner: Jennifer Dauzat from Slidell!

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