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Marianne Addy and Rebecca Wagner were in the studio today promoting a couple of Girl Scout events. They want you to come to the J Low Fall Fest and Duck Derby on October 29th. And they want you to know about their new Outdoor Classroom at Camp Whispering Piines. Find out more online here GIRL SCOUTS.







Wine two VIP Passes to You Night! You can see what we’re doing on our Facebook page here Lake FB Page


Lake Loot:


Q: What city lies approximately halfway between Miami and Havana, Cuba?
Key West Fl

A: Key West

Winner: Julie Glasscock from Madisonville!

7:15 Kids Only

Q: Three Speeches

A: Churchill. Kennedy, Regan

Winner: McKenzie Grose from Slidell!


Q: 1 in 5 of us think this is the best smell in the world. What is it?

A: The ocean.

Winner: Sherri Swanson from Robert!


Q: 40% of us say we love THIS, but 25% of us are also terrified by it.  What?

A: Thunderstorms

Winner: Monty Miller from Bay St Louis!


Q: When we do this, look for it to last about four days. What is it?

A: A diet.

Winner: Lincoln Case from Covington!


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