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Great talk today with Joe Chautin for Festival of the Lake. It is happening this weekend in Mandeville. They will have food, music, games, crafts and more. Connect with them online here Festival on FB or here FESTIVAL OF THE LAKE.






We also spoke with Amanda Paxton and Dr Natalie Fitton from STPH. Natalie spoke about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, among other things. Connect with the Women’s Pavilion online here STPH WP.





Lake Loot


Q: The average American endures this more than 40k times in their lifetime. What?

A: Tech Rage

Winner: Elizabeth Martin from Hammond!

7:15 Kids Only

Movie Clip

A: Big Lebowski, Iron Man, Good Will Hunting, A few Good Men, Airplane, Gone with the Wind

Winner: Lauren Winslow from Covington!


Movie Clip #2

A: Batman, Silence of the Lambs, Casablanca

Winner: Katherine Lee from Covington!


Q: It isn’t good but 60% of us do this. What?

A: Snore

Winner: Crissy Kupar from Covington!


Q: In the U.S. about 7,000 of these are being hired about now. What?

A: Santa look-a-likes

Winner: Carrie Speshock from Madisonville!

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