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Lots of people in the studio today, including Michelle Davis from Junior League of Covington. She was here to talk about the Harvest Cup Polo Classic. Find out more about it in the interview below or connect with them online here HARVEST CUP.






Next we had Melissa Elliot from Express Employment Professionals. Connect with them online here Express Online. They can help employers who need help finding the right person, or an individual who needs help finding the right job.






And we had a good time talking to Barbara Hebert about Men Who Cook…. a benefit got Hope House. Come eat some good food with them and help out a good cause. You can find out more here HOPE HOUSE




Lake Loot


Q: Women pride themselves in having this unique skill. What is it?

A: Having a sixth sense

Winner: Greg Eisman!

7:15 Kids Only Loot!

What are the name of Winnie the Pooh’s donkey and bouncing friend friends?

A: Eyeore and Tigger

Winner: Heather Geddis Matula!


Q: Almost all of us have worn these at one time or another, but less than 1-in-10 Americans have ever purchased them. What?

A: Bowling Shoes

Winner: Kirstin Lewis O’Shaughnessy!


Q: The average American will own more than 150 of these during their lifetime.

A: Toothbrushes

Winner: Jennifer Roth!


Q: This is the most common occurrence in a dream. What?

A: Falling

Winner: Libby Jenkins!



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