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Congrats to Melissa Ann Johnson! She won our VIP Passes to You Night. Her friend Chris nominated her and we enjoyed meeting Melissa and hope she has a wonderful time!


Ferris Hotard came by today to talk about the 5th Annual Lenda Dean Art Show. Find out more in the interview below. You can find the church online here ST MICHAELS.





We also talked Homecoming at Southeastern with Alumni President Mayson Foster. He told us about all of the events going on in Hammond this week and spoke about the advantages of joining the alumni group at the school. Join them here SLU.




AND… Margaret stopped by from Honey Baked Ham to talk food and Halloween and some part time opportunities for work around the holidays. Find them online here Honey Baked. Hear what she had to say below





Lake Loot


Q:  The city with the most expensive hotel rooms in the U.S. is not New York, it is Nashville.  What city is #2?

A:  Boston.

Winner: Adam Whiddom from Covington!


How many of the whole numbers from 1 to 100 are either divisible by 7 or include a 7 in their digits?

A: 30 OF THEM: 7/14/21/28/35/42/49/56/63/70/77/84/91/98// 71/72/73/74/75/76/78/79// 17/27/37/47/57/67/87/97

Winner: Erin Bazor from Covington!


Q:  A new survey found things that used to be status symbols now make it look like you’re trying too hard?  #1 was a personalized license plate. What was #2?

A:  A hot tub

Winner: Chris Wilhoit from Bush!


Q:  About 6 in 10 adults will dress up for Halloween, but only 5% will be willing to wear this type of costume. What is it?

A:  Political costumes

Winner: Sally Frey from Mandeville!


Q: A woman decided to wear this on first dates to see what kind of reactions she would get. She got some great ones. What was she wearing? (See below)

A: A wedding dress

Winner: Russell Palazzolo from Slidell!



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