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We did some MATH today for Lake Loot! See if you can answer them below. Today we welcomed in Lisa Page from Warren Montgomery’s office. Lisa is the PIO for the DA. She spoke about what the DA’s office is doing to fight domestic violence. We enjoyed getting to talk to Lisa and you can hear what she said below.







We also hung out with Amanda Paxton and Jane Freudenberger from STPH and May Bird Perkins Cancer Center. Jane told us how they provide support to their cancer patients. Find out more in the interview below or join them online here MARY BIRD.






We also spoke with Michelle Carlton about her Vintage Market Days event going on this weekend. Find out more online here VINTAGE MARKET DAYS ON FB or in the interview below.






And finally…

The first trailer for Logan dropped and it looks like the scenes shot in Hammond will make the cut. You can see the Hammond Cemetery at about :19 in to the trailer.



Lake Loot


Q: 50% of people will yell because of this today and 1 in 5 will be reduced to tears because of it. What?

A: Our Smartphone

Winner: Stephanie Willis from Covington!

Kids Only

If you draw one card from a normal deck of cards, what is the mathematical probability of drawing a jack, queen, king, or diamond?

A: 42%

Winner: Ben Legnon from Slidell!


Q: Holding a shuffled deck of 6 cards, numbered 1 through 6, you deal, face up, four of these cards at random. What’s the probability that the four cards are dealt in descending order, such as 6431?

A: 1 in 30; there are 12 ways out of 360 total

Winner: Julie Jeanfreau from Mandeville!


Q: If you have 1000 pennies, 1000 nickels, 1000 dimes, 1000 quarters, and 1000 half dollars, then how much do you have altogether?

A: $910

Winner: Eric Reilly from Covington!


Q: One bicyclist can ride around a circular track in four minutes, a second in five minutes, and a third in six minutes. If all three riders begin at the same time, how long will it be until they coincide the next time?

A: 60 minutes

Winner: Jonathon Baier from Covington!

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