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Archbishop Hannan was in the house today to talk up their Pink volleyball game on Tuesday with PJP. Sidney Williams and Danielle Loup did a great job promoting the game and their school. Connect with them online and find out more about the game in the interview below or here HANNAN ON FB.







Tim Meilleur from Firehouse Subs also paid us a visit today. Tim was here to promote their Public Safety Foundation and the event going on tomorrow and the following Saturday. Make a donation and get a free sub!






And we got to speak to Dara Bartee and Sheryl Folse about the Gran’s Attic event going on tomorrow. Plenty of stuff for you to check out and it is all half price. Connect with them here GRANS ATTIC.






Lake Loot


Q: The country of the world with the most internet users is, of course, the United States with 154 million. Which country is next, with 39 million internet users?
A: Japan

Winner: Evan Cockburn from Mandeville!

6:40 #2

Asteroids are small irregularly shaped bodies, sometimes called minor planets, which orbit the sun, and are most frequently found between which two planets?

A: Mars and Jupiter

Winner: Chris Bennett from Bush!

Kids Loot

Q: One of them has hundreds, one has 11, one has 4 and one has one. What is it?

A: Rings around planets! Saturn has hundreds, Uranus has 11, Neptune 4 and Jupiter has 1.

Winner: Abigail Williams from Covington!


Q: Only about 1 out of 10 of these go according to plan. What is it?

A: Marriage Proposals

Winner: Melissa Talley from Covington!


Q: This is the most popular food or drink tweeted about on Twitter. What?

A: Coffee

Winner: Sandy Wycoff from Mandeville!


Q: More than half of agree we would rather be late for work and get yelled at by the boss than have this happen.

A: No morning coffee

Winner: Chelsea Mills from Mandeville and Denise Fagot from Covington!

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