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Today we got to visit with Justin Lapeyrouse, John Wesley and Lori Molinary from Playmakers. They were here to tell us about Zombie Prom, which kicks off this weekend. Connect with them online here PLAYMAKERS.






Larry Rolling also stopped by to talk about COAST. The Council on Aging St Tammany is rising money for Safe at Home, a program that makes small adjustments to homes that allow older people to stay safely in them.  So there is a Recipe Rumble between some big names in the parish. Find out more here RECIPE RUMBLE







Lake Loot


Q: Thinking about Halloween? Give us three of the top 10 adult costumes this year.

A: Harley Quinn, Joker, Supergirl, Pirate, Wonder Woman, Witch, Batman, Rey, Scary Clown, Dinosaur

Winner: Rikki Talbot from Mandeville!

7:15 Kid’s Only Loot

Q Scavenger Hunt! These were the clues!

  1. The ghosts in it were inspired by a comic book
  2. It was invented in May of 1980.
  3. The highest score possible is 3,333,360.

A: Pac Man

Winner: Patrick Kilgore from Madisonville!


Q: 1 in 5 women refuse to tell their female friends THIS, and it isn’t good!

A: They look nice…because they are jealous of them

Winner: Laura Gatlin from Lacombe!


Q: According to a new survey, half of all American adults say seeing this on social media stresses them out.

A: Political posts

Winner: Mark Olier from Abita!


Q: A little less than 10% of Americans now don’t use these!

A: Search engines

Winner: No One!

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